Drone Perimeter Surveillance

In Antaira by Robert Fruchey



Antaira Technologies partnered with a leading Utah-based airspace security and defense company to help implement a digital 3D protective shield over a restricted airfield at an airport. Special software was developed by this security company to create a blanket of protection over specified airspace, which was implemented with pillars equipped with outdoor surveillance cameras, sensors, and Antaira’s industrial Gigabit-managed Ethernet switch; the LMX-1202G-SFP-T. This digital 3D protective shield utilized radar and video to alert and deploy drones to capture unauthorized and dangerous drones in and surrounding the airport. These foreign drones were captured using nets launched by the larger protector drones to leave the foreign drones unharmed in order to give security at the airport the option to find the assailant.

The Challenge

Antaira was selected for this specific project because of our customized services, free product evaluation, and free technical support. Antaira provided them with varying sizes of industrial switches with ascending port counts until we ended up with a 12-port Ethernet switch that was perfect for the application. The bid process was completed over a six-month period until we had the correct fit and a fully customized application. The client needed din rail mounted and hardened industrial switches that would withstand shock and vibration and could be located outdoors in an enclosure, while exposed to the elements. They needed a higher port density with a system that was highly involved: including embedded computers, radar management systems, cameras to analyze the objects and their locality. Also, Antaira’s managed Ethernet switch was installed inside multiple pillars which permitted for a ring to be created. The ring feature allowed the industrial switches to communicate with each other, the other hardware on the pillars, and the security command center. Being able to remotely access the managed switches simplifies updates or changes on the switch, making the switch controllable from the command center.

The Solution

Luckily, Antaira’s LMX-1202G-SFP-T has an extended operating temperature range of -40°C to 75°C and hardened IP30 capabilities, making it the perfect solution to operate in an outdoor airfield. Antaira’s LMX-1202G-SFP-T is a 12-port industrial gigabit Light Layer 3 managed Ethernet switch that is embedded with 10*10/100/1000Tx Fast Ethernet ports and two dual rates (100/1000X) SFP slots. This model is a fully manageable industrial Ethernet switch pre-loaded with standard Light Layer 3 network management software. It supports Jumbo Frame and wide bandwidth for data transmission and has sufficient port counts for any edge-level connectivity solutions.

Antaira’s Product Solution


12-Port Industrial Gigabit Light Layer 3 Managed Ethernet Switch
  • 8*10/100/1000Tx (30W of PSE per port)
  • Redundant Power Input Design – 12~48VDC
  • Housing: Metal IP 30 Rated; DIN-Rail and Wall Mount Support
  • Supports QoS (IEEE802.1p) and CoS/ToS
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to 75°C